IT Specialist System Integration (m/f)

Landscheid, Germany


  • Secondary education diploma
  • Further qualifications are always welcome
  • Please enclose supporting documents with your application documents

Apprenticeship duration

  • 3 years
  • if certain conditions are met, the period can be shortened to 2 ½ years

Job description

As an IT specialist in the field of system integration, your training is not only limited to the direct workplace within the IT department, but also takes place simultaneously in all other areas and departments supported by IT systems.

Modern and always up-to-date systems make working in the computer centre, with the network or other EDP systems always interesting. Already after a short time, it is possible to take over and carry out various activities completely on one's own responsibility.

In addition to the central, technical focal points of the training, the tasks of an IT specialist in the area of system integration also occasionally include commercial content, classical administrative activities and support or contact with colleagues.

In the course of your training you will take on the following tasks, among others:

  • Integration of hardware and software components
  • Creating system documentation
  • IT security
  • Operation of network and data center
  • Support and advising of end-users
  • Maintenance and servicing of current IT systems and interfaces
  • Evaluation of costs and revenues of realized IT solutions

Insights from a suki apprentice

Personally, I am very satisfied with the training of the IT specialist at GmbH, as I am offered the opportunity of a practical and at the same time independent training. Furthermore, the trainees are enabled to work with modern systems and the combination of technical and administrative activities guarantees a varied working day in a pleasant atmosphere between friendly and helpful colleagues. - Alexander B., trainee as IT specialist specialising in system integration

Have we sparked your interest?

Then please send us your application with copies of your last four school diplomas by postal mail or e-mail.

We start the selection process in November of the previous year: This includes a professional aptitude test, which measures various performance characteristics (e.g. mathematics, concentration and memory skills and language skills), and an interview.

This is the basis on which we select our trainees. The training itself generally begins on 01 August of each year.

Contact person for the application is: Mrs. Julia Porco-Wittkowski