Merchant in wholesale and foreign trade (m/f)

Landscheid, Germany


  • Secondary education diploma
  • Further qualifications are always welcome
  • Please enclose supporting documents with your application documents

Apprenticeship duration

  • 3 years

Job description

Wholesale and foreign trade merchants procure goods of all kinds and distribute them to trade, crafts and industry. They mainly take over commercial administrative and organisational tasks. They also advise customers on product characteristics, financing and services, prepare enquiries, offers and conduct negotiations.

Wholesale and foreign trade merchant is a 3-year recognized apprenticeship in industry and trade. Under certain conditions it can be shortened to 2.5 years. During your training you will take on a variety of tasks, including

  • Order processing
  • Development of marketing strategies
  • Conducting market and competitor analyses
  • Purchase and resale of goods at national and international level
  • Planning and conducting purchasing, consulting and sales discussions

Insights from a suki apprentice

I decided to train as a wholesale and foreign trade merchant at suki because in such a large company you have to go through many departments such as accounting, sales, purchasing and controlling. The wide range of tasks in this job make my daily work very interesting and varied. I really like the fact that I can work independently and that friendly colleagues are available to help me with any questions. - Riana T., Apprentice in wholesale and foreign trade

Have we sparked your interest?

Then please send us your application with copies of your last four school diplomas by postal mail or e-mail.

We start the selection process in November of the previous year: This includes a professional aptitude test, which measures various performance characteristics (e.g. mathematics, concentration and memory skills and language skills), and an interview.

This is the basis on which we select our trainees. The training itself generally begins on 01 August of each year.

Contact person for the application is: Mrs. Julia Porco-Wittkowski