Corporate Social Responsibility

Our responsibility

suki is a successful and future-oriented company. As such, it is also a part of society and thus bears a social responsibility towards its employees and customers, as well as towards the environment.

With our business activities we face up to this responsibility and make our contribution to society as a company in the form of social commitment, environmental protection, personnel development and compliance with guidelines.

Social commitment

suki supports charity campaigns

suki has been involved in various projects for several years. For example, we supported a charity campaign organised by Woodie's Ireland. "Heroes", the campaign's motto, supports four charitable and well-deserved Irish children's aid organisations: "Make a Wish", "Irish Autism Action", "Jack & Jill" and "Temple Street Hospital Foundation". The children in need of help are addressed directly with heroes or as in the English "Heroes".

The suki sales manager for Ireland, John Flynn, with the kind support of Hertz Ireland and on behalf of suki, organised the accompanying transport and equipment for the bicycle tour. In addition, suki and John Flynn donated together for the campaign.


suki is committed to holistic and sustainable environmental protection

It is our declared aim to continuously improve the aspects of holistic and sustainable environmental protection at all levels. Our representative for sustainability and environmental protection ensures the consistent implementation of various measures within the scope of our possibilities.

In recent years, we have greatly reduced our energy consumption through energy-saving consumer and lighting technology, process optimisation and increased efficiency as well as the use of certified green electricity. We are also certified according to ISO 50001 (energy management). The use of resources and consumables has also been greatly reduced by expanding paperless administration with "pick by scan" procedures, EDI exchange of data, recycled paper and a pallet exchange system.

During disposal and recycling, we ensure strict waste separation, the reuse of cartons and disposable pallets from incoming goods and cooperate with certified disposal companies. By modernising our buildings, in particular the windows and roofs, adjusting and optimising the heating control system and raising awareness among our employees, we are using significantly less heating oil than before.

Our fleet is equipped with modern vehicles with the latest energy-saving technology and an electric car. We optimise our product and transport packaging for our products so that they are manufactured without environmentally harmful ingredients. This is ensured by regular tests by independent institutes.


suki ensures satisfied employees

Our employees are the focus of our thoughts and actions. Only through them can we ensure the efficiency and economic success of our company. We are therefore concerned about the satisfaction and health of our employees, who have been with us for more than 25 years and who stand behind this satisfaction and success.

In addition, we invest a great deal in the continuous further training and development of our more than 650 employees: with training and development opportunities, we give impetus to the further development of our own abilities. Fair treatment and participation of the entire workforce is a good thing for us.


suki stands for responsible corporate ethics

Worldwide outsourcing presents companies with the ethical task of checking their own suppliers for the correct handling of people and the environment. suki can therefore be audited according to the code of conduct BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative). The BSCI ensures that uniform social standards are created and adhered to by all suppliers.

Issues such as child and forced labour, health and safety at work, freedom to form employee organisations, discrimination, livelihood wages and working conditions are critically examined as part of the audit. BSCI members must have two thirds of their suppliers audited in accordance with the Code. (Source: TÜV Nord)