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18 JULY 2022

suki group acquires VTFastware (VTF)

suki group (suki.international, Facido, DBM.S) acquires the French group VT Fastware (Vynex, Tréfilaction, FTV-Asia).

Both, suki group and VTF, are active in the distribution of DIY products (hardware in a wider context, hand tools, self-adhesives and other DIY essentials). The two groups share common values and visions of the challenges and future opportunities in their markets.

“I’m happy to welcome VTF in the growing suki group. The acquisition of VTF is a unique opportunity for the future of the two groups.Together, we will even be better able to serve our customers in differentregions and sales channels”
— Sebastian Laus, CEO of suki group

“The DIY market is becoming increasingly global and more and more complex with new skills to be developed to meet increasing demands. With suki group wefound the ideal and fully complementary partner in Europe, geographically and in terms of product ranges, with hardware as a common point. In all other ranges we will be able to take advantage of our individual skills.”
Hervé Hacot, CEO of VTF

Above all, suki group strongly supports the industrial relocation project initiated by Vynex and this should become a major accelerator for the group. Sebastian Laus: “We are excited to become through VTF’s initiative producers of high-quality woodscrews made in Europe’”.

For Vynex, this is a major opportunity to further strengthen its ROCKET® brand, the main brand of technical wood screws for the building and renovation industry in France. This prospect of international sales development will help to consolidate the industrial relocation plan in France and consequently to increase the volumes produced in the Ardennes through growth. Herve Hacot: “Together, we are eagerto distribute ROCKET® through suki’s European wide structures andsubsidiaries.”

Additionally, sukigroup business units Facido (multichannel provider for many innovative DIY manufacturers of decoration, flooring and sanitary ranges) as well as DBM.S (Merchandising organisation in many European countries) will deliver further synergies and opportunities.

Finally, VTF's packing centres in China and Vietnam will of course offer their services to suki group; more generally, a sharing of suppliers in Asia will allow to improve the management of the supply chain of both groups.

For obvious reasons of complementarity, all existing activities and sites of VTF and suki group will be preserved; no reduction or contraction of activities is envisaged. sukigroup and VTF wish to further strengthen their development and innovation resources. “The grouping of our companies will enable us to pool and extend our efforts in marketing and purchasing.” says Sebastian Laus.

The management team of VTF will remain in place in its entirety and work jointly together with the suki group board; Hervé Hacot will remain CEO of Vynex and Tréfilaction, Sebastian Laus is the CEO of the enlarged suki group.

About VT Fastwaregroup (VTF)

VTF is based in Thelonne in north-east of France at the premises of Vynex founded more than 100 years ago. Tréfilaction is based near Nîmes in the South of France; the VTF group has a trading organisation, packaging centres and logistical premises in Asia (China and Vietnam). With a team of 300 people (France + Asia), VTF has a turnover of 85 Mio. Euro, mainly in France.

VTF is the leading French provider of product solutions, merchandise presentation as well as logistics and in store services for DIY stores, supermarkets and professional hardware stores (Builder’s merchants). VTF distributes its own brands and manages private labels for some of its customers; Vynex owns ROCKET®, the main brand of technical screws for the building and renovation industry in France.

Vynex is currently setting up an industrial plant in the Ardennes to partially reshore the manufacturing of wood screws (ROCKET®) to France. This project benefits from financial support from the French state and the French Grand Est region. VTF has been owned since the end of 2017 by its management team.

About suki group

For over 70 years, the suki group has been one of the leading European providers of product solutions, merchandise presentation as well as logistics and services for various forms of European trade. The focus is on the home improvement and craftsmen sectors. International sales offices guarantee the highest level of service in over 40 countries. The suki group employs more than 650 people and generates a turnover of > 200 Mio. Euro.

The business model is based on three pillars: suki offers assortment solutions for hardware, handtools and self-adhesive products for DIY and home improvement as well as specialist retailers. Facido is a specialist in trade logistics for innovative suppliers, both for their online business and for stationary trade. DBM.S provides POS and merchandising services for the sukigroup and many other partners throughout Europe.

The suki business model is modular, flexible and able to adapt to all customer needs. This ensures individual, tailor-made solutions. The brand portfolio ranges from own brands, suki, fix-o-moll and Magnodur, to integrated manufacturer brands aswell as retailers' own brands.

suki group is a member of the Serafin diversified industrial group of companies, whose family philosophy of entrepreneurial tradition dates back more than 150 years. www.serafin-gruppe.de/en.

Serafin generates with this new acquisition an annual turnover of approximately 1 billion Euro with 4.500 employees. Serafinis a long-term shareholder, without outside investors and therefore no "market pressure" and no objective to sell its assets. 

11 OCTOBER 2021

"Solution provider for DIY retailers takes off"

Another publication about suki - in the current issue of the magazine "Unternehmeredition" there is a case study about suki and an interview with our CEO Sebastian Laus.

Since 2013, suki has been part of the Serafin group of companies and, as an omnichannel provider, is an important solution provider for DIY stores throughout Europe.

If you are interested in the case study and the interview, you can read both under the following link:
Go to the article about suki in the latest issue of "Unternehmeredition" [german text]


"Made for your Trade" - with innovative spirit to success

"Made for your Trade" - with innovative spirit to success - this is the title of the short company portrait, which was written as part of the location campaign "1000 days strong brand - introduction of the brand EIFEL" about suki. The Eifel Future Initiative wants to highlight the so-called "Hidden Champions" of the Eifel region as part of the campaign. Hidden champions (secret winners) are medium-sized companies that have become European or world market leaders in niche market segments. (German text source)

For those interested in reading the short company portrait of suki, you can find it under the following link (German Text):

04 AUGUST 2021

We stand together

The images of the flood disaster have left us all speechless.

Many of our employees have been directly affected by the flood disaster. Several of them are helping out on the ground through their involvement in voluntary fire departments, the THW (German Federal Agency for Technical Relief) and local aid projects.

Suki reacted immediately and delivered urgently needed relief supplies from its extensive product range free of charge to the crisis regions, especially to the Ahr and Kyll rivers. We gladly fulfilled the request for support of the Rotary Club Adenau-Nürburgring and donated equipped tool boxes.

We wish all those affected a lot of strength and confidence in this difficult time.

10 NOVEMBER 2020

suki is certified according to ISO 28000

A high level of product availability has always been one of the hallmarks of suki.

In the area of conflict between global procurement with replenishment times of sometimes several months and Europe-wide distribution within a few days, a secure, perfectly functioning supply chain is essential for suki.

The events surrounding COVID-19 put the suki supply chain to a severe test. Delivery difficulties, especially from the Asian region, met with very high demand. These experiences became the reason to increase the flexibility of the supply chain and to further reduce the dependence on individual countries.

"The audit process showed that our supply chain is safe and stable. Nevertheless, the systematic analysis and documentation has revealed further optimisation possibilities. Our goal is to gradually implement the identified potential for improvement in our supply chain". mentions R. Humm, management systems representative at suki.

Customers expect reliable delivery. suki now has reliable proof of this through certification according to the ISO 28000 standard for security management in the supply chain.

On the photo you see, from right to left: Sebastian Laus, managing director of suki.international, René Humm, representative for management systems at suki and Jürgen A. Freund, DQS auditor.

10 JANUARY 2020

suki receives award for its surface protection campaign

At the 5th edition of LA NUIT, an event hosted by the french organization INOHA on the 28th of November 2019, a jury awarded companies for their committed and innovative approach in the categories Innovation, Communication, International Development and Corporate Social Responsibility. Suki was awarded the communication trophy for the modern, physical/digital communication campaign around our surface protection range, which is marketed under the brand fix-o-moll.  As surface protection is often regarded as a by-product in the market, its potential is often underestimated due to a lack of communication.

With our campaign we took a new look at these products and the BIGDUO premium felt gliders as the highlight product. To modernise the image of the range, its innovative features are presented and explained using multilingual, "phygital" communication tools: video in 7 languages on our YouTube channel, a dedicated website, QR codes for display at the POS, flyers and much more ... we are proud about our comprehensive 360° communication approach we took with this campaign. If you want more information about our Surface Protection range, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


Higher efficiency, more sustainability: FACIDO optimizes packaging process

Efficient, sustainable and ergonomic: FACIDO GmbH, a subsidiary of suki.international GmbH, is now focusing on tailor-made packaging solutions for its customers. The logistics service provider for the DIY and specialist trade invested in a complete on-demand packaging process. Thanks to the automated packaging system, FACIDO can send each individual customer order in tailor-made cartons. This significantly reduces the volume of cardboard and material consumption, especially in the fast-growing B2C business. In addition, the Landscheid-based company improved its packaging process in terms of efficiency and ergonomics.

"We used to work with standard cartons. Unfortunately, these are not optimal in terms of material consumption, work steps and shipping quality," explains Ralf Yilmaz, Head of Operations and Logistics at suki-group. Looking for alternatives, the logistics service provider found the packaging experts from Packsize and the Becker Group.

The complete solution immediately convinced FACIDO. "It has improved our packaging process in terms of efficiency, ergonomics and sustainability," explains Yilmaz. The focus of the optimization is the employee. He is relieved thanks to automated processes: The dimensions of the ordered products are taken directly from the merchandise management system to the cutting machine. The machine produces a tailor-made carton for each individual order.

At the same time, the corresponding order items reach the packing station via the product conveyor belt. This considerably reduces the carton volume and the consumption of packaging and filling material. At the same time, dispatch and transport handling are improved thanks to the volume reduction.

A vacuum folding table then lifts the carton. The FACIDO employee then only inserts the articles into the carton before it is automatically closed with hot glue. This means that the logistics service provider no longer has to travel between product provision and the dispatch warehouse. "Thanks to the semi-automatic packaging line, our employees are not only significantly relieved, we can also use their skills more efficiently," explains Yilmaz.

FACIDO is currently using such a complete solution for articles in the sun protection sector such as blinds and roller blinds. A second line packs carpets and sanitary accessories. This serves both retail customers and end consumers who order from the DIY store or directly from the manufacturer. "Packsize's innovative solutions and distinctive technical and process know-how convinced us. We want to intensify our cooperation even further in the coming months," says Yilmaz.

The service company FACIDO, with its headquarters in Landscheid and logistics headquarters in Dreis-Brück, Germany, has set itself the task of specifically relieving other companies of logistics and sales processes so that they can concentrate on their core business. In the meantime, around 80 committed and competent employees at FACIDO ensure smooth processes, satisfied customers and new, creative ideas.

Facido is part of the diversified Serafin Group, whose philosophy goes back to the 150-year entrepreneurial tradition of the shareholder family.

Further information is available at:

Download Press Release (.PDF)
1 AUGUST 2019

suki welcomes the new apprentices

Four ambitious young people started their apprenticeship on August 1st at the suki Group in Landscheid and at the Branch Office in Dreis-Brück. "A total of 13 young people are currently being trained as wholesale and export merchants, warehouse logistics specialists, warehouse specialists and IT specialists; two young adults are currently studying for a Bachelor of Arts (B.A. - BW) degree. "Our goal is to qualify the trainees of today as employees of tomorrow in our own company." Julia Porco-Wittkowski, trainee instructor at suki, calls this "a meaningful investment in the future for both sides".

12 JULY 2019

suki congratulates

At the suki booth, visitors to this year's Wittlicher Wirtschaftswoche were able to take part in a competition. It had to be estimated "How many screws are in this container? Not an easy task for the participants. The correct answer was 1,091 pieces.

266 lottery tickets were evaluated and the lucky winner could be determined: She was delighted to receive her prize from suki in Landscheid: a high-quality tool box filled with articles that will make a do-it-yourself heart beat faster. We congratulate Mrs. Krob warmly and thank all those who took part in the competition.

04 APRIL 2019

suki - an excellent instructor

In the annual study "Germany's Best Training Companies" commissioned by "Focus Money" and "Deutschland Test" and carried out by the Institute for Management and Economic Research (IMWF), suki achieved 6th place out of around 2,500 companies. FOCUS reported on this in detail in issue 14 on 30 March 2019. deutschlandtest.de/ausbildung/

As a successful and internationally active company, suki is currently training 20 young people in various professions, three of whom are completing dual studies. The aim of the training is to successfully complete the course and to take on long-term employment. The graduation rate has been 100% for years. This is what Riana Thiel says about her training at suki: "Due to the company's versatile orientation, everyday training is always very varied. I particularly like the fact that, as part of my retraining, I go through all the departments relevant to my profession and thus gain an insight into each area of responsibility. Independent work and practical relevance are very important at suki. I am never left to my own devices. Friendly and helpful colleagues are always there to support me. A retraining at suki was the right decision for me".

For suki, "learning for a lifetime" is not a phrase but a serious concern. Even after their training or studies, suki invests in the professional development of its employees; today, many of them work in leading positions for suki.

18 JULY 2018

suki. grows and strengthens Key Account Management DIY

The suki group is growing internationally and especially in Germany in the good double-digit range. "Significant growth rates are recorded. The three divisions suki Retail, Facido and DBM.S are growing significantly" reports Sebastian Laus, CEO of the suki Group.

Mr. Jörn Dittgen has therefore been strengthening Key Account Management DIY in Germany since 01.05.2018. Mr. Dittgen has many years of experience in the German DIY market. "After we were able to significantly increase our business in Germany in the retail sector and gain new listings, I am delighted to have a new industry expert join my team," says Reimund Penn, Sales Manager Germany in the suki retail organisation.

In addition to the successes in the DIY sector, suki has succeeded in gaining listings in the specialist trade. Important reference markets have already been established or are about to be established. In the course of this Mr. Sascha Graf was appointed team leader for the specialised trade.

22 MAY 2017

Environmental protection and sustainability at suki.

"It is our declared aim to consistently improve the aspects of holistic and sustainable environmental protection at all levels," says Michael Lanz, Director Supply Chain and Category Units. The economical use of raw materials is a matter of course at suki. Targeted measures have been in place for years to achieve continuous improvements:

Compared to 2011, electricity consumption has been reduced by around 40 % by replacing the entire lighting system with energy-saving technology. suki obtains all the electricity it still needs from renewable sources. suki has also invested massively in the energetic refurbishment of the buildings and has reduced heating oil consumption by more than two thirds per year. In addition, the paperless administration is being expanded. Product and transport packaging is constantly being optimised. suki completely dispenses with packaging containing environmentally harmful substances. Vehicles with the latest energy-saving technology are on the road in the fleet. Wherever the infrastructure permits, natural gas-powered cars are driven; the first electric vehicle is in use.

13 MARCH 2017

suki strengthens sales area management

After suki has launched its new retail concept "suki. Das Zeug zum Handwerk" was presented at the Eurobaustoffforum in November 2016 in Cologne, sales in the specialist trade sector were also strengthened. In addition to Sascha Graf, responsible for the sales regions West and South, the experienced specialist retailer Torsten Kosalla has also been responsible for the sales regions in East and North Germany since the beginning of January.

The new concept is now being marketed throughout Germany together with the comprehensive suki sales force. "We are consciously strengthening the sales area in Germany and are convinced that our core competences in area management, our many years of retail knowledge and new concepts will bring a breath of fresh air into the specialist retail world", says Reimund Penn, Sales Manager Germany.

06 JANUARY 2017

DBM.S - now also International

Deutsche Baumärkte Service GmbH - since 2003 the merchandising and service organisation of the suki group has been planning and clearing goods in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. With immediate effect, DBM.S is also active in the DIY markets in over twenty other countries with a network of its own staff and external organisations. IT-supported route planning, coordinated visit rhythms and SAP-controlled order control support the work of DBM.S. The company guarantees the success of its business partners from goods clearance and disposition management to complete rebuilds or new facilities. For a long time now, this has not only included the companies of the suki group. Over the years, a number of new, long-standing business relationships have developed in the DIY sector.

"DBM.S stands for high-quality services in the area of shelving services in the retail sector. Speed, reliability and competence distinguish our concept and our employees and thus form the basis of all processes" says Dirk Gohlisch, Managing Director of DBM.S.

23 NOVEMBER 2016

suki with a strong presence in the specialist trade "suki. The tools of the trade"

For the first time suki presented itself at the Eurobaustoffforum with a brand new trade appearance "suki. The tools of the trade". Under the trade fair slogan "Fresh wind on the wall" the trade visitors of the trade fair were able to convince themselves impressively of the new and area-optimised craftsman concepts in the field of hand tools, hardware and self-adhesive solutions.

"Over the past two years, we have worked intensively on improvements, expansions and revisions to our product ranges. These have been further upgraded in terms of quality for the craftsmen's range and competence articles and manufacturer brands have been integrated," says Michael Lanz, Director Category Management. In addition, the sales organisation will be further geared to the specialist trade with additional field staff and the sales network in Germany will be expanded. "We are very consciously strengthening our area sales in Germany and are convinced that our core competences in area management, our many years of retail knowledge and new concepts will bring a breath of fresh air into the specialist retail world," says Reimund Penn, Sales Manager Germany.