Our Values

Who we are, what we do and how we act. Our values are our identity - the suki DNA - which form the backbone of our entire corporate culture and aspirations.

They help us to ensure that our corporate culture remains vibrant and positive as well as enabling each individual to grow and thrive through the many changes in the future.

With these values as our role model, everyone at suki helps to ensure that we pull together as a group of companies and, regardless of what we do, live by these values every day and hold up every decision to these standards.

Because suki is what we make it.


suki lives by open thinking and the willingness to change. Everyone is required to get actively involved and join in when we take on something new together. We are there to help, not hinder.


At suki you are allowed to make mistakes and learn from them. No matter where you stand, dare to say what comes to your mind and discuss as a team what you can do about it.


At suki everyone clearly and openly says what is going on. Especially when things are not running smoothly. We treat each other with respect, as equals and in a fair way. We can rely on each other, because our word is our bond. Inside as well as out.


No matter where in suki: the solution is the goal - the problem is only the starting block. The more sustainable, the better.
On your marks, ready, solved!


Personal responsibility and entrepreneurial thinking make us strong. We work pragmatically, creatively and focused everywhere. Join in! It all depends on each and every one of you.


Being international runs in our blood. Openness is the glue that keeps us together. People from various countries enrich suki as colleagues, customers and partners. We enjoy engaging with, and learning from each other to find a common language. Be open minded!


We are all suki. Our daily work shapes the face of the brand.